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Heritage House Ministries Presents:
Restoring The Foundations Seminar

Presenters: Rabbi Ira & Gloria Brawer
Saturday, June 27, 2020
9:00am - 3:30pm (bring your own lunch)
Fee: $30 p/p includes workbook
Castlewood Canyon Church
389 N Castlewood Canyon Rd
Franktown, CO 80116




Call CCC 303.688.8730 and leave a message with your phone number or Email: with number to attend. Deadline to register, Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Vision of Heritage House Ministries

"To see God's people discover their true identity as sons and daughters of The King and for people of all generations to walk in their destiny and calling within the Kingdom of God"

Mission of Heritage House Ministries

"To help God's people be freed from the bondage that hold them back from becoming all that God has created them to be."


Seminar Topics Covered

Grief & Loss -- Abuse & Anger -- Rejection & Unforgiveness -- Bitterness & Resentment -- Abandonment & Loneliness -- Fear & Depression -- Anxiety & Insecurity -- Guilt & Shame -- Marriage & Divorce

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What We Do

"Using the integrated RTF approach we identify and dismantle the spiritual root causes stemming from the main problem areas previously mentioned. We work closely with you to break the power of these strongholds and teach you how to have true intimacy with God and others. Heritage House Ministries uses the RTF integrated approach to help you in your struggle with these issues and more..."


Heritage House Ministries conducted a Healing and Deliverance Congregational Seminar for Rabbi Shmuel Wolkenfeld.

(his comments):


"The messages were clear and helpful, and practical, and many people got much help. The idea of five sessions seemed daunting at first, but in fact the sessions were vital and powerful, with increasing participation.  The units on 'forgiveness', 'sins of the fathers and resulting curses', 'ungodly beliefs', 'spirit & soul hurts', 'and demonic oppression worked together to clear up longstanding problems in hearts and lives."

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