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An Incredible Celebration With Ted Pearce


Messianic Praise & Worship Concert by Ted Pearce

Prophetic Art by Hadassah Dove


Sunday, August 8th, 10am

Castlewood Canyon Church

389 N Castlewood Canyon Road

Franktown, CO 80116

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Ted Pearce

Based in Asheville, NC, Ted Pearce is best known for writing and performing a sub-genre of Christian music known as Messianic Praise & Worship, which features bible verses set to a mixture of Jewish folk, Klesmer, Mizrachi, and Yemenite musical themes.  With fifteen releases since 1998, Ted is one of the better-known pioneers of this "new" ancient sound.

Hadassah Dove

Ted’s wife, Hadassah, will accompany him with her prophetic art during the worship concert.


For more info on Ted or Hadassah, go to:


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In 2002, Ted signed with Galilee of the Nations Records (Sony/BMG/Provident) and began releasing his signature sound world wide.  In 2005-2006 he was a member of Messianic pioneer group, Lamb, and Integrity Recording artist Paul Wilbur has covered two songs written by Ted Pearce on his Desert Rain release in 2012.


In 2013-2016 he worked in Warsaw Poland with Producer, Pawel Zarecki, and members of Israeli group Miqedem to produce Cultural Xchange while also working in California with legendary folk producer, Wendy Waldman, to produce t.Roy - Hollywood Sessions.


After taking 2017-2018 off he is currently partnered with Matt McKeown as a producer/artist in Schawarma Records and released "Shehekiyanu" in late 2019 with another project near release for 2020. Stay tuned!

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