Special Attention:

We will be "Live Streaming" our Passover Seder Light on Facebook, Sunday, April 5th, 10:00am,  Invite others to join our group!


We are asking all who have a Facebook account and those who plan to set one up (it's free) to search for: CCC Group (Franktown) and request to join the group.  Please tell others, so they can participate as well.

Introduction to Passover Seder Light

    We welcome you to experience this year's Passover Seder Light with us from your home.  We will be Live Streaming this on April 5th at 10am.   Go to the Important Seder Elements button below to get instructions on what you might prepare beforehand to more fully enjoy your participation at home of this moving presentation.    


  On the day of the event sign into Facebook 5 minutes before, go to your "groups" and select "CCC Group (Franktown)."  You will see the Passover Seder Light livestream screen

We believe you will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate our facilitators for the Passover Seder Light event, Rick and Kristy Chadwick.  Rick and Kristy have been married 40 years and have 5 grown children, 4 of whom are married.  This will be their 26th Passover with their large family. They embraced the Feast after seeing it explained to them by "Jews for Jesus" in 1994. Over the years and as their family grew, they developed a simple, yet profound way to walk them through the Haggadah, or "telling," of the story of Passover. Their family loves celebrating the Feast every year, and Rick and Kristy love that they are telling their 10 grandchildren how it all points to Yeshua, and how He fulfilled the Spring Feasts in His death, burial and resurrection.

    The Haggadah, is the telling of the story of Passover. You can follow along with Rick and Kristy as they take us all through this amazing life changing story. Select the Haggadah Booklet button for an online and/or print copy of the Passover Seder booklet. Feel free to invite others to join this event!

 Special Stuff for Kids

Looking to teach your children Biblical faith in a fun & creative way? Learn about God’s Feasts!  These printable Activity Books are an interactive way for children to learn about the Feasts (Appointed Times) and Torah Portions. Each Activity Book contains coloring pages, Bible quizzes, fun worksheets, and more.

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